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Altitude Academy is built for business owners who take their personal and professional success seriously. Applicants will have the chance to learn from some of the industries best while developing processes and procedures to ensure their company will continue to succeed for years to come. Review our application criteria and apply today!

1. Initial Assessment (Security)

20 New Applicants Accepted Annually

We know which companies will work well in our program and which ones might need a little more work before they are ready for Altitude. This helps us focus our energy on clients who benefit from our coaching, instead of trying to make a “one size fit’s all” program like you might find elsewhere.  

Our application process takes about 30 minuets and if successfully completed shows the Altitude team that you are serious about taking your business to the next level. 

2. Business Blueprint (Flight Plan)

Ops. Sales. Marketing. Finance. Succession. Sale.

We know the in’s and out’s of the service and trade industries. This allows our team to prepare a first-class plan to ensure that your business dominates. All successful businesses start with an end goal in mind accompanied by the right plan to get it there. It can be a daunting task to not only plan but implement the checks and balances required to build the machine you have always dreamed of running. That’s why we started Altitude. 

Throughout the 6-week flight plan development phase we work with you to expose pressure points, areas of concern and then work to re-build your plan for business based on the 3 main cornerstones of any successful venture. Financial planning, marketing & sales development, and operational re-structuring are a few of the core business principles that Altitude is focused around. At the end of the 6-week flight plan you will have a clear path forward with the understanding of what actions need to be taken within the next 42+ weeks to ensure the success of your venture. 


What makes Altitude different from other academy’s?

If you want basic systems, age-old advertising techniques and courses on door-to-door marketing Altitude is not for you. However, if you want access to business leaders who’s experience is not strictly in the service and trade sector you’ve come to the right place. Our team is made up of hedge-fund moguls, sales masters, and operational experts. If you want an academy that can prepare you for growth not only in your local market but also has the right advisors to assist with venture capital, angel investing and public markets your in the right place. 

3. Implementation (Taxi-Cruise)

Take Your Business To New Heights

Once your flight path is completed its time to get your business off the ground. Our team will work along side you on a bi-weekly basis through our proprietary internal growth system that is hosted through your own client portal which can be fully customized to suit the needs our your business. Worried about data breaches? We’ve got you covered with bank-level security and end to end encryption. 

During this part of the academy you will follow the outlined actionable tasks to bring your business up to speed in a controlled fashion. Your business coach will be accessible 24/7 when you need strategic advice and acts as an accountability partner to keep you on-track. Our goal is to get your business to a state of stability within 42 weeks and allow for both internal and external reflection along the way. Once your business is able to operate without your constant attention we start to look at ways your business can grow, plan for succession, or prep for sale. 

4. Approach & Landing

Let's Get You Where You Want To Be

You’ve worked hard for many years and throughout the Altitude Academy to get your business in a state of self-sufficiency. However, this milestone is often just the start of something even bigger. Our team is well versed in joint ventures, business sales, and internal/external succession planning. At this stage we will work with you to assess where you want to take your business and personal life next. This includes a 5-10 yr. financial plan and shareholders report which includes sale options, projected growth models, and much more. 

Altitude Business Academy and Consultancy is much more than just a program for business owners. We are your accountability partner, executive coach, and secret weapon. 

We’ll be waiting at arrivals for you.  

Post-Academy Consulting

Sometimes You Need A Strategic Partner

Having completed the Altitude Academy opens the doors to private business consultation services with our team of industry experts. Our consultancy program is simple and gives you access to an executive style coaching platform when you need it most. 

Want more information? Contact your Altitude advisor to learn more.

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