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Coaching from industry experts who have started, scaled, and sold service companies.
Not just talked about it.

Who Are We

Industry experts, financial analysts and marketing masters who have taken businesses from start-up to sold. Our teams know what it takes to grow service & trade businesses in today’s climate.

Our Mission

Provide business owners who take their companies success seriously with real-world coaching and consulting. We don’t just help you breakthrough. We change what you thought was possible.  

What We Do

Business coaching programs for owners who want to take their companies to the next level. We use the most advanced techniques to help you become an the industry leader. 

Why Altitude Started...

After years of starting, scaling and selling different contracting, service, and trade businesses through their early twenties co-founders Spencer Stephenson and Dylan McCann noticed a similar trend within industry. Small to mid-sized business owners are typically strong in one of the three pillars of business (finance, marketing, & operations) but rarely are they well versed in all three. This organizational flaw typically results in businesses hitting glass ceilings where the owner feels trapped or might begin to loose the initial passion they had for the venture. 

The Problem:

Most of the business “academy’s” and consultancy firms are dated, they use washed up techniques which do not work efficiently in today’s business climate. Some even base their programs around techniques from elementary-style franchises and charge users a fortune for information that worked 5 years ago, but is irrelevant today. 

The Solution:

Founders Spencer and Dylan decided to sell off the remaining service and trade businesses to peruse their passion, helping small to mid-sized business owners escape the “technician trap”. They developed the “Altitude Program” which was built off of their experience in industry disruption. Altitude is the most exclusive business academy, with only 20 new students accepted annually. Each program is customized to fit the exact needs of the business at hand and includes cutting-edge marketing techniques, operations systems, and financial plans. 

Want a peak inside? Altitude encompass the techniques that Spencer actively used up until 2019 to have a full administrative staff working 24/7, 364 for less than $40,000/yr. and tactics that Dylan used to close 94% of deals with 96% annual customer retention.

Respected Industry Experts.

Meet Our People

Dylan McCann

Director of Sales

Spencer Stephenson

Director of Operations

Geoff Wei

Director of Finance

Jay Backstrom

Training & Development Manager

Courtney Acheson

Marketing Manager

Janet Becks

Academy Support Manager

Carlos Mandes

Assessment Specialist

Darby Hathaway

Legal Advisor

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